We love our volunteers!

Victoria Green Team at the Monteith restoration site.

The FoBC society is run by people who work and have fun together.

We host work parties in the Bowker Creek watershed, poetry and music concerts by the creek and art-making workshops. We remove invasive plants and replace them with native plants. We learn how to care for Bowker Creek and the watershed. We value our partnerships and new members – people who show they care, who bring initiative, energy and goodwill. We write letters to government to support the protection of natural areas in the watershed for better public access and health benefits, for wildlife, and a connection to nature in our city.

Come and join us! We looking forward to working with you.

See our current volunteer work parties here!

4 thoughts on “We love our volunteers!”

    1. May we add you to the FoBC volunteer list? We will send out the occasional notice when volunteer opportunities arise. The next one is scheduled for this coming Sunday, Aug. 22nd. Check our volunteer page for more information on this opportunity and others. – Best regards

    1. Hi Barb, Thanks for reaching out to volunteer for Bowker Creek urban watershed renewal!

      We have regular volunteer opportunities posted at: bowkercreek.org/volunteer and we send out occasional email notices for other creekside volunteer opportunities. Are you interested in learning about public outreach and education? We have the Bowker Creek Watershed Model to bring to public events and schools and may need some volunteers to do that. Hey, thanks for becoming a paid member of the Friends of Bowker Creek by the way. Good to have your support!

      You might be interested the next Creekside Concert is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 31st 6-8 p.m. at Clawthorpe Park. Bring a picnic dinner and enjoy free music and poetry outdoors.

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