Friends of Bowker Creek 5th Garry Oak Scouts

Members of the 5th Garry oak Scouts in Oak Bay, Emmett Gough, Adam Ross and Nathan Williams have been working on a project to map native and invasive species in Bowker Creek. They have been removing invasive plants with the help of the District of Oak Bay and the Friends of Bowker Creek. (Travis Paterson/News Staff)

5th Garry Oak Scouts are working to clean up Bowker Creek by removing litter and removing invasive plants to replace them with native plants. See this article in the Oak Bay News.

Bowker Creek offers youth a connection and a chance to learn about nature in the city and become active participants in its restoration. The Friends of Bowker Creek are pleased for the community connections made with 5th Garry Oak Scouts and for their energy and enthusiasm.

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