Getting Ready to Place 30,000 Salmon Eggs in Bowker Creek

Hello Bowker Streamkeepers,

We have the OK from Department of Fisheries to place Chum salmon eggs in the gravel in February, 2022. FoBC Director, Gerald Harris met at the creek on July 14th with DFO and Peninsula Streams staff to work out the location and timing. Our DFO Community Advisor said that a major reason for our success in getting eggs for Bowker Creek was that we provided excellent data and made a very strong case for our project. We showed DFO that we are a well-organized and effective group with a clear plan and that we have already done much work over the past year. So congratulations to each of us for our part in the success!!!

Here is an approximate timeline:

  • Feb. 2022  —  Streamkeeper participate in placing 30,000 eggs in a prepared location in Bowker Creek, directed by Peninsula Streams staff.
  • Winter 2021-22:  Streamkeepers build fencing on the banks at the site to discourage people from going into the creek or trampling the vegetation. So we need to do the planning and fundraising ASAP. Neither Peninsula Streams nor DFO are helping us with the fencing.
  • November 2021:  Streamkeepers go to Goldstream hatchery to take eggs from selected Chum salmon adults, directed by hatchery staff. The hatchery will then incubate the eggs until time to transfer them to Bowker Creek in February
  • Late-Aug. or early-Sep. 2021: Streamkeepers participate in placing cobble and gravel to make spawning benches in the creek in preparation for the Chum eggs, directed by Peninsula Streams staff.
  • Late-July and early-Aug 2021:  Streamkeepers prepare stream bank habitat to allow access for the later work in the stream, while maintaining good cover/privacy for the incubating eggs, directed by Gerald and Brandon.

We are super-fortunate in having Peninsula Streams Society as a partner with much experience establishing salmon in streams and with good relationships with government departments for obtaining permits. PSS also has business contacts for materials. DFO’s Salmonid Enhancement Program and Goldstream Hatchery staff are also helping us greatly in planning and in access to equipment.

Here is a photo of one of the salmon egg condos we will bury in gravel in the stream:

salmon egg condos

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